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How To Initiate an Office Move on Campus
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Please submit a Miscellaneous Personnel Changes KiSSFLOW form -

select "Office Move" from the drop-down menu under Type of Personnel Action

This ticket will remain open for scheduling after the KiSSFLOW has been approved by Administration and the information entered into Jenzabar for the Directory.

Here's Al's previous email for more info:
Thu, Apr 15, 10:08 AM

SKC has a process for office moves. It is necessary to have this process so that all the appropriate people are notified, and Administration approves all moves.

To initiate a move, a person's supervisor should complete a Miscellaneous Personnel Change KiSSFLOW selecting Office Move for the category. The information required is the offices the employee is moving from and to and the date to move. Please do not complete the KiSSFLOW on the day of the move. It is best to complete it at least a week ahead of time.

Also, please do not move your furniture or technology on your own. Maintenance and IT Services need to be involved in those moves so that furniture and technology do not get damaged during the move and get set up correctly.

Please contact Al with any questions or concerns.

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